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The Twisted World videos for Amache, Playing With Glass, Solar Sailing and Blue Flag are now up and viewable. To visit the YouTube channel, click here!
What is "Twisted World"?
Melody. Harmony. It's music.
Twisted World is a musical project from Keith A. Varney. It's where I make music that I want listen to. Guitars. Bass. Drums. Keys. Whatever works, eh?
I like to think of it as a soundtrack for life. The music is great for gaming, driving, working out, cooking... insert your favorite progressive verb here. And don't get me wrong, I enjoy all the music I'm involved with; but this is what I want to hear.
We often associate the word "twisted" with something abnormal; for example, "that guy is really twisted". However, in this instance it's more about how everything in our world is twisted together. Like the roots of a tree.
And it's not just limited to our little planet. This "world" is universal - and everything is intertwined: twisted together.
Be sure to visit the Facebook page as well as the YouTube channel.
Twisted World is a music project developed by Keith A. Varney.
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