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The Twisted World videos for Amache, Playing With Glass, Solar Sailing and Blue Flag are now up and viewable. To visit the YouTube channel, click here!
Video: Oh Shiny!
Hard to believe there was a time when musicians just made music. But now, thanks to those darn kids and their MTV, video goes hand-in-hand with the music.
To be honest, making videos is not my favorite thing. As much as I enjoy making the music, making videos seems to be a bit more of a job. That being said, I like having a visual aspect to complement the music and I always enjoy the finished product; getting there is the challenge.
So here is the link to the requisite YouTube channel. Not a lot of content there yet, but it will grow. Kind of like a fungus.
I definitely have a love/hate relationship with YouTube (FaceBook as well). I sincerely appreciate the fact that I can share my music and videos with the world on their platform, but I loathe the rampant consumerism and advertising that they inflict on so many people. I really wanted to be able to share my art without the ads; turns out it's not possible for a little artist like me. You need to have a substantial following, not only to benefit from "monetization", which I'm not interested in, but also to be able to turn off the ads. In other words, you need a large following to NOT have the ads on your content. I swear, I would pay to get the ads off my content, but that does not appear to be an option. Sorry. 😞

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